Sangha  = Community

Sangha Center for Yoga and Wellness strives to offer quality classes and wellness offerings in the community of

Beaver and surrounding areas.

​We hold Hatha Yoga classes in all levels.  Yoga is for everybody and every body. It is a great option for cross

training and as a single discipline.  

We also have wellness optionswith workshops, health coaching, and reiki sessions to help achieve your wellness

goals outside of the studio.

Thursday at 6pm

​Saturday at 9am

Vinyasa Flow

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Yoga's Teachings for Off the Mat

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* Young Living Essential Oils The best of nature for natural self care and healing


Sangha Gear, including our signature line #smartasana, is available in our studio boutique and during biannual online sales.

Quality instruction in a peaceful and non competitive environment

Sangha = Community

Beginner Yoga

Monday at 7:30pm

Wednesday at 7:30pm

Saturday at 11:30

Sangha Center 

for Yoga and Wellness

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