Sangha Center for Yoga and Wellness

The Client Reward program is FREE and you are automatically enrolled when you become a student.  Points will accumulate for each purchase you make, each time you register for a class online, and for each student you refer.  These points can build  in your account and can be redeemed to buy more classes or merchandise in our boutique!

Tuesday at 9:30am

​Thursday at 9:30am

​Thursday at 5:30pm

Beginner and Beyond Yoga

Julia or Loretta or jen

Quality Instruction in a peaceful and non competitive environment.

Client Reward Program 

Beginner Yoga

Cassie or Andrea

Monday at 7:30pm

Wednesday at 6pm

Saturday at 11:30

Sangha Center 

for Yoga and Wellness

Upcoming Classes

Thursday at 7pm

Ashtanga Primary Series