Class Etiquette 

For additional precautions during the Covid Crisis,

please see our Class Schedule page.

* If you have questions about which class to attend, please check the descriptions and if you need assistance please email or call us.  We suggest beginners start with Level 1 classes.

* Please arrive about 10 minutes before the class starting time to sign in and set up.

* Shoes and cell phones should not be brought onto the practice floor.  If there is a special circumstance and you need your phone, please talk your teacher prior to class.

* Students should be respectful and quiet during the class.  

* Students under 15 can attend class with a parent for the kid's class price.  They will be asked to sit toward the back of the room so they can step out or occupy themselves when needed.  

* Yoga is a physical practice.  Everyone will look and feel different in different postures.  Comparison is discouraged.  A good attitude is required!